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2. November 2013 20:40
by Anders Thue Pedersen

The long term MicroConf effect

2. November 2013 20:40 by Anders Thue Pedersen | 0 Comments

I am starting to feel and understand the long-term effect of attending a MicroConf conference.

The feeling I get is that there is a completely new world to uncover and understand, a world where I’m not just a parrot saying what I have read in books, but one where I have tested and understand this new way of living and doing.

The hard part about this is that I guess it is like Tao, if I can describe it, it is not Tao – and this new way feels like something I cannot describe but something that I can talk about (around?) and talk with others who have a sense of it, but never fully understand or explain.

But that’s part of it anyway, that it’s ok that I changes that it’s unexplainable and that it is new every day, that’s the interesting part of it, that’s what being an micropreneur is all about, learning new things every day, talking about “Tao” and trying new things out.

This new understanding of (my) life is starting to change how I look at my work, at my future and how I understand people and the way I interact with people.

So before I get to meta, let me describe some of the changes that has happened since the MicroConf conference.

First as described in my last post I have started to separate my ego from my business, this is a big deal for me, but even more important was that the conference made me realize that I’m not alone out there.

For a long time I only had one or two friends who are truly like me, experimenting, curious, filled with creative energy, having a gazillion ideas every day etc. etc.

At the conference I was around 80-100 people JUST LIKE ME – and you have no way of understanding the impact unless you have tried it.

The feeling of being home, of being understood of being able to talk to people without they are shaking their heads and without :roll:

I have NEVER felt so much home, understood and at peace with who I am, and this really deep sense of belonging and understanding made me shed all of my shame about being me, all of my guilt of having too many ideas of wanting to experiment, it made me accept who I am and what I do, to be among so many who was JUST LIKE ME!

This is by far the most important long-term effect I have taken home from the conference, and a big thank you goes out to all participants, speakers and of course, Rob & Mike, I owe you one!

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