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23. November 2013 23:49
by Anders Thue Pedersen

How i got a 299% increase in revenue in 7 weeks

23. November 2013 23:49 by Anders Thue Pedersen | 0 Comments

This post is what will become a series of posts on how I work towards growing my revenue from my watermarking software 1000% (10x) compared to my pre-MicroConf revenue.

Since the MicroConf, I have been having some unbelievable growth of my revenue. But I believe that I can do even better than what I have achieved until now.

So this week I slowly realized that I actually had an internal and unspoken goal, based on my experience written and/or spoken goals are more likely to get achieved then internal goal. So now, I will blog about what I am doing to get to 10x so others can benefit from what I have learned.

As I wrote in my previous blog post I got MicroConf ROI in 28 days. I did some changes to my website while still at the conference, primarily moving the free version down and highlighting the paid version that ended out upping my revenue by app. 200%. One thing that was mentioned during the conference (when I called out my website for a tear down) was that there was a lot of clutter and needed de-cluttering, mainly less links, less call to action and a more clear what to do next.

Besides that I also got a looong to-do list from the conference, some of the stuff I have done is : At the bottom of pages link to next step (Download/Buy), added a 90 days money back guarantee, improved my buy now call to action, better and more clear headlines, testimonials closer to buy now, enforce the trial mode, remove working trial, change price from 29 to 29.95.

This made my revenue climb to around 250% This got me thinking I had gotten a glimpse of the real possibilities of the website. 

I have secretly believed (as in been thinking but not in daring to speak out loud) for a long time that there were some major changes I could improve my revenue with, I somehow also believed that I  should not do it and that I did not have the abilities to do it. However, being at MicroConf made me realize that I should (as Adii so aptly but it) Just Fucking Do It.

So I have asked the designer I have employed (yeah I know) to create a new website design. We are still working on it but instead of being afraid if it will ruin what I am doing, I am looking forward to see what it can do for me.

One of the reasons for this changed mindset is that I have made some changes in my installer/software that tracks the installs/usage. I figured out that, I have many new installs every day and that many users actually bought the software the same day they installed it.

Then two weeks ago I had a 'tear down' session with Dave Collins from - and during the 2 hours session I got a to do list long enough to last a couple of weeks. Since we had that session, I have made sum minor changes to the website that again has moved my number of orders up.

The first thing I did was removing even more links from the top menu, so now I got four links up there, moved down are “online watermarker” and “contact us”.

The second thing was a headline split test, the previous headline on the frontpage was 'Fast, easy and cheap watermark software' (before that it was the product name, but I started asking my customers why they bought the software and they told me because it was fast, easy and cheap so split tested that and got a nice improvement). Dave suggested that when people hit the website they are not concerned with the price so I split tested the headline against 'Fast & Easy watermarking software' and 'Fast and Easy Watermarking Software'. This small change improved my engagement with 57 %, my downloads with 18 % and my buy now clicks with an astounding 9% !

The last change I have made is one that I at first was very concerned about and it took me some time to get courageous enough to do it. Dave suggested that I in the trial box on the download page should write that the trial version would add a watermark to all images so you cannot use the software but just test it (how it works). I was uncertain and was thinking that people would not download or use it when I wrote that, but the reality is that I have the same downloads as before, the same amount of installs but I have a lot more that buys.

2 weeks rolling average revenue is currently at 299% (3x)

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