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24. November 2013 13:14
by Anders Thue Pedersen

Revenue almost 4x - Documenting my path to 10x (Week 8)

24. November 2013 13:14 by Anders Thue Pedersen | 0 Comments

To document my growth towards 10x I will blog every Monday with my stats for the week gone, what I tested, what did I change and what did/did not work.

I was thinking this Sunday when I woke up (well actually I was woken by my daughter crawling all over me J) why did you post that blog post Saturday. I realized that one reason was for the publicity and validation, but mostly it was because I want this. I want to 10x and I have realized that the best way to get your goals to succeed is to write them down and speak about it. What could then be better than doing both, writing it down and at the same time speaking aloud through this blog?

Another benefit is that my motivation is often erratic and sporadic and I my hope is that by blogging every Monday (or Sunday) will teach me something about keeping a constant push behind the train wagon.

One thing I am currently interested in is motivation. What motivates me and how do I keep motivated. I have a long history of jumping from project to project partly because I did things that was not aligned with the true me, but also because I did not understand “the dip” as Set Godin writes about.

Therefore, this is as much a journey to understand myself, to find out what motivates me, to learn to keep pushing and to get through to the other side, and I hope you will join me and help me if you can!

Before I continue, I will tell you a little about my setup. I am currently CEO of Andromeda IT, a web consultancy company based in Copenhagen Denmark. We are six young people working together trying to create digital web art in our solutions. One of the employee (Philip) are a part time student, and a really clever programmer (he is programming an OS in his spare time :roll: ) and he is primarily working for my “other” business called TSR Software.

TSR Software is the brand that I am using for my time and place independent software and SaaS business that I want to grow to 10x, but from time to time stuff from the consultancy will seep through to the TSR part and the other way.

I have several ideas for getting to 10x, first thing I will do is streamline and improve my watermarking software. The next couple of weeks I am working on the new website and a new GUI for the software, I hope these two items will give me an x more (or twoJ).

On the longer scale I will boost my other TSR products especially our product TSR Photo Manager that I myself love and I believe there is a big potential for it out there (try it out now!)

The last and third leg is that I will create one or more of the SaaS web apps I am dreaming of getting online and flying.

This is as much a journey from doing a hobby “for the clap on the shoulder” piece of software to fully getting value for money as it is a journey about taking control of my life professional and private and getting more out of live by doing the right stuff.


Last week:

I got my Microsoft ISV Competency approved and got listed on Microsoft Pinpoint (PR 7 directory) and I got started on upgrading my software and installer to .NET 4.0

This week:

I will get some Microsoft ISV logo on the website, write about how the software has been approved by Microsoft and work more on the new website and the new GUI. Release a new version that checks/installs .net 4.0

















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