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16. December 2013 12:57
by Anders Thue Pedersen

Getting help is not as bad as you would think!

16. December 2013 12:57 by Anders Thue Pedersen | 0 Comments

An important factor of my current website revenue has been that I joined a mastermind group.

This has helped me do stuff I did not believe I could. I have received help when I had doubt on how to do new things and I have even received code pieces that helped me by speeding up my completion of a new feature.

Before attending a mastermind group, I had a hard time doing stuff I did not feel I mastered. Creating a website selling software was something I had never done and knew nothing about so even though I knew how to code and had ideas for products (I even had a friend making real money selling software!). So basically I had NO excuses for not doing it, and still it took me a long time getting started.

The first product I made I gave away “for free” (yeah I know) and I added a donation button, some time went by (not that long) and then I got a donation. To date it is the best money I have ever earned. It was only 5$ but I printed out the donation mail and had in on the desk in front of me for a long time.

These five dollars was the inspiration and hard truth that I needed to get myself together and start creating software that cost real money.

After a slow start i got another boost after joining my first mastermind group, these guys (meeting them today actually) has helped me setting new goals, getting new ideas and seeing new possibilities where I saw none before.

So, if you are not already in a mastermind group, find one, or at least get a mentor or someone doing (more) than you to talk to.

10 Ideas

To keep pushing me forward I will come up with 10 ideas every week that could potential help me boost my revenue, and if you want 10 ideas for your website/business contact me at @andersthue or

  1. Move "buy now" on the frontpage closer to the "download" button
  2. Create a PS. In the trial notification email about TSR Photo Manager
  3. Sharpen the copy on the frontpage
  4. Split test benefits on frontpage
  5. More information link should link to purchasing
  6. Move watermark screenshot 1<->2
  7. Split test the two example images on the frontpage
  8. Split test testimonials on download page
  9. Add server DLL/developer download on download page
  10. Charge money for the online watermarker


Last Week

Last week I wrote about failure, and to be true to my writings I can report on multiple of those!

I tried some headline split testing (it drove the customer’s away big time). Couple with the fact the my auto responder e-mail was disabled (I email people 3 days after they download the trial) due to my credit card was closed by the Adobe Hack (Major fail) and all in all this led to a considerable drop in revenue in the beginning of the week.

I also launched my new “upload to FaceBook” feature, where you can upload to Facebook from the application. I had believed this would be a big new feature that many would use, but in the past week only one user has been using it (me) – hopefully this will pick up since it will be the main selling point for my higher priced version.

Next Week

Christmas is coming so I mainly have plans for getting my gifts bought – but I will create one new feature, that the size of the watermark is set in pixels instead of % of image width/height.

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