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23. December 2013 22:52
by Anders Thue Pedersen


23. December 2013 22:52 by Anders Thue Pedersen | 0 Comments

It’s almost Christmas and here in Denmark we give gifts on the 24’th so tomorrow my daughter will be spoiled (again, we had our first Christmas eve yesterday, but that’s another story)

Since we started our vacation a week ago, I have wound down on the actual work done on my software and website but this do not mean that I have been doing nothing.

I have been reading more than usual, and when I saw that Thibaut Barrère tweeted that he was working on his copywriting skills I thought I had to do something about mine too, so I started reading copyhackers first book “Where Stellar Messages Come From” that had been sitting on my virtual bookshelf for months, and quickly realized I don’t really find the subject very interesting.

I tweeted this, and Joanna from copyhackers replied I had to continue since she was sure I would benefit.

This got me thinking that I usually get more done when having goals, so to inspire me and light a fire underneath my motivation to learn to write better copy I told her I would double my revenue by implementing what she teaches (no deadline though…)

So now, I have started emailing many customers to understand why they are choosing my software and what pain I solve, it took 10 emails to get the first person to write that I could call him any time after the 26!

On another note, I am writing this blog post at 22:47 and the one and only reason is that if I skipped this blog post I would think nest Monday ahh, I skipped last time, I will do that again and THEN I will start writing again. However, I know myself good enough that I would never pick it up, so it is like so many other things here in life, either you are doing or you are not.

10 Ideas

Ugh, harder this week than last, but here goes:

  1. Meme generator website linking back to TSR
  2. Meme generator + uploader program for use with reddit
  3. Free watermark software website with a single doorway/download page
  4. Build in Facebook/twitter/etc. cut off in preview, showing how much is showing on Facebook/twitter etc.
  5. Press release on use of watermark in online media
  6. Better copy (Yeah a cheap item on this list)
  7. Split test price 29/27 .95/.75
  8. Free font pack download or higher price point version with font pack
  9. Free watermark images for higher price point
  10. Giveaway of the free for personal use only on giveaway of the day sites


Last week

I did some minor moving around on some elements on the front page, and a lot of reading about copy hacking – started emailing customers, but still have a lot to write to to get my 10 responses.

Next week

I will still be on vacation, but I will do more about the copywriting and I’ll set some goals for next year.

The numbers

The general trend is downwards. I checked google trend and it looked like a general downward trend for watermark searches, only time will tell.

Orders Revenue Visits Conversion
147% 181% 109% 135%
212% 275% 111% 190%
141% 185% 105% 135%
206% 254% 113% 182%
171% 215% 107% 159%
229% 285% 104% 220%
247% 313% 109% 226%
300% 395% 106% 283%
312% 413% 96% 323%
300% 423% 96% 312%
271% 349% 93% 291%
218% 303% 85% 256%
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