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13. January 2014 08:51
by Anders Thue Pedersen

Back on track

13. January 2014 08:51 by Anders Thue Pedersen | 0 Comments

It has been a bumpy ride this Christmas, the sales went down and I got nervous and had a lot of thoughts regarding my previous 4x. I started thinking if it was just a wishful fata morgana or a real trend.

This week has luckily proven what I after much thinking and talking with all my mastermind groups, friends and wife had come to believe – that my 4x was something real and that I still have more starts to reach and more victories to win.

Back on track

The drop in sales made me feel like a derailed train, as if I did the wrong things and now everything would be like trying to force a train through a dense forest instead of running smoothly on the tracks.

The reason this scares me and make me panic is that I have been down a road in my previous business live that was like pushing a dead whale through a forest. Somewhere in those 11 years of agony and hard times I lost my vision on my left eye due to a Scleroses attack, (I do not have MS (knock on wood)). I lost all put one of my friends, I lost a lot of money but most importantly I lost myself.

The last 5 years I have been looking for my set of tracks in life. I have been looking for who I was and what I should be and do.

The last couple of months, after meeting so many likeminded at MicroConf Europe I have found a new and profoundly deep calmness in life that I enjoy very much.

This has gotten me to realize that I do not need to look for whom I should be or what I must be. All I have to do is be me, as stupid and obnoxious that is, it is all me, take it or leave it. Therefore, instead of trying to force myself through a dense forest I have chosen now to run on my own tracks, always laid out in front of me, always available, always unknown where they will lead me.

So the declining sales was a quick reminder about not changing to others tracks (or the lack of them) just because what you are doing are not looking as something giving results right now. I began to doubt myself, my results and what I should do when the vacation was over.

Then I realized that as long as I am me, and as long I keep on moving forward on my tracks, creating what I like to create all my small victories and accomplishments will become a pearl necklace that for some will be a thing of beauty and worth the while.

So if you ever wonder who you should be, what you must do to become “successful” (argh, hate that word), remember that whenever you keep on creating something of value to someone, it will (eventually) become a necklace worth a lot!

10 Ideas to keep myself on track

  1. Reserve time every week to track keeping
  2. Maintain a list of long term track goals
  3. Work on improving the time to re-rail the train
  4. Relax some more
  5. Practice my Tai Chi more, currently I only do 1 class every week I will do it more at home too.
  6. Be more honest about what I am doing (that derails me), what works and what do not.
  7. Listen more to others
  8. Work on my willingness to learn from others
  9. Attend Microconf again
  10. Go to bed early


Last Week

I have emailed 20+ customer asking them for feedback and permission to interview them.

I got permission to call Gary from Los Angeles and had a most fantastic 30 minutes talk with him where he told me why he bought my software, what he was looking for when searching for a watermark software and what his thought was now that he had been using it for some time.

The key takeaways was:

  • its more productive than Adobe Photoshop
  • Saves time
  • Reliable, Do not have to keep changing the watermark
  • Do not crash the computer (I never saw this as a benefit)

I immediately tested these claims using Visual Website Optimizer and it looks like a boost to downloads and purchases, but the final verdict is still waiting.

I also made some new version with a new feature and some minor changes.

This Week

I will continue to talk to customers, got 2 positive feedback emails today allowing me to call two more this will enable me to start working on the next chapter in the Copyhackers book.


 Currently at 382% of my pre MicroConf level, better but I need to take more steps to move it to the next level. 


Week Orders Revenue Visits Conversion
40 147% 181% 109% 135%
41 212% 275% 111% 190%
42 141% 185% 105% 135%
43 206% 254% 113% 182%
44 171% 215% 107% 159%
45 229% 285% 104% 220%
46 247% 313% 109% 226%
47 300% 395% 106% 283%
48 312% 413% 96% 323%
49 300% 423% 96% 312%
50 271% 349% 93% 291%
51 218% 303% 85% 256%
52 171% 209% 75% 228%
1 259% 315% 86% 301%
2 282% 382% 98% 288%
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