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27. January 2014 16:13
by Anders Thue Pedersen

Goals and Happiness

27. January 2014 16:13 by Anders Thue Pedersen | 0 Comments

I have this 10x goal for my TSR business and this blog is part of how I try to be accountable and get some work done every week.

This has worked somewhat but I have also been doing other things to keep me focused and on track.

This blog has a status at the bottom that summarize how the last week has been going and where I am on my 10x goal.

For as long as I have had a smartphone I have had a special account where the orders tick in. In the beginning when I got an order a week it was a huge kick every time the bell was struck, and later when i got more than an order a day it was a constant reminder that I had done 'it'.

Lately with this blog (but not because of it) and mastermind groups (but not because of them) I decided to focus more on my growth and my revenue.

This goal setting made me really focused on the orders, and I kept a weekly track by marking all orders as read Monday morning, and then my unread counter on my phone showed how this week’s progress was going, if I was ahead or behind the needed number of orders to reach my weekly goals and grow my revenue.



No, not even because of that thought you just got there!

Nope neither for that reason!

Why not, because your field of view becomes too small to do the right things!

I became so focused on my weekly goals I forgot why I am doing this and what is worse is it totally stressed me out spiraling out of control and taking my motivation away!

That is not all; I started to creep into my private life too, stressing me when not reaching my goals, especially when I did not have time to do anything about it because I was doing family stuff.

So yesterday, I removed the order account from my phone. I am still checking it all the time, but I am slowly learning that I get no reward but also I get no disappointment!

This has already improved my mood since my mind is not constantly preoccupied with the amount of orders and my 10x goals.

The 10x is still a goal, but now I'll look at it weekly when I'm writing this blog post and the rest of the week I'll focus on my consultant business and (of course) the TSR business!


To save myself I'm cutting this short this week, but as you might have guessed the revenue is down again...

Week Orders Revenue Visits Conversion
40 147% 181% 109% 135%
41 212% 275% 111% 190%
42 141% 185% 105% 135%
43 206% 254% 113% 182%
44 171% 215% 107% 159%
45 229% 285% 104% 220%
46 247% 313% 109% 226%
47 300% 395% 106% 283%
48 312% 413% 96% 323%
49 300% 423% 96% 312%
50 271% 349% 93% 291%
51 218% 303% 85% 256%
52 171% 209% 75% 228%
1 259% 315% 86% 301%
2 282% 382% 98% 288%
3 247% 333% 93% 266%
4 241% 288% 96% 251%
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