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24. March 2014 16:04
by Anders Thue Pedersen

Accepting myself

24. March 2014 16:04 by Anders Thue Pedersen | 0 Comments

Between my day job, mastermind, taking care of my daughter and managing my father’s house I have done close to nothing on my TSR business this last week.

It tears at me and stresses me, because I really want to succeed in this field too. I do not even know why, it’s just some inner drive to be better, and do something, more than nothing and something that other will say “that is cool” about.

One thing I did get to use some time on last week was attending a meeting arranged by an advisory board group. I joined the group by invitation from its creator after having had an advisory board arranged by them.

And while eating and talking to those I was assigned in group with I realized that I am an interesting person with an interesting story, and my world view and the way I run my consultancy business is interesting.

So maybe I should work on accepting myself instead of (still) trying to be something I am not.


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