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6. May 2014 22:27
by Anders Thue Pedersen

How I grew my revenue 481% in 6 months (and a few weeks)

6. May 2014 22:27 by Anders Thue Pedersen | 0 Comments

A little more than six months ago, i participated in my first MicroConf conference, and my life has changed so much in some ways and not in others.

My way of looking at and doing business has changed a lot, but my motivation has not.

Recently I have been reading books and talking to many people about motivation and Monday when I was at my monthly mastermind meeting, we talked a lot about motivation.

One reason for this is that in my “old” business life (five years ago and before that) I was motivated to work because I believed that it would somehow lead to me getting recognition, fame and fortune.


This almost killed me.


Now I am motivated because I want to create a fantastic work environment, one where people can blossom, one where they have the energy surplus to work on becoming better persons than they were when they started. A work environment where people help each other, not because they have to but because they want to. A work environment where there is laughter and happiness where there are feelings and honest people that dare.

The best part is that this is happening!

I do motivate people to do better, to become better and to get better and I love it.

But, there is still an area where I can learn a lot from my fellow mastermind’s my employees and friends, namely self-motivation!

I usually only do stuff that I can finish in a day at max and prefer if I can finish It in 5 minutes J

To improve my grit and perseverance I will start playing “the game”, not to win, but to have fun.

My new game will not have an end, it will not start and never finish and there will be no winners, losers, heroes or villains.

There will only be playing and being appreciative of what I have and what we accomplish together.

More specific I will write articles, many articles and it should be realistic to write 100 before the next MicroConf.

This together with an improved GUI and a clearer message on the homepage, should be able to lift my revenue to the double of now and then I will hit the magical 10x !

Last week I hit 5x revenue compared to my pre MicroConf level.

It was my best revenue EVER. The best conversion EVER (and even the traffic went up a little)!

All because I kept on doing a little every now and then - on the website, the software, the link building and the message on the homepage.


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