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10. June 2014 01:00
by Anders Thue Pedersen

What character do your actions make other see in you?

10. June 2014 01:00 by Anders Thue Pedersen | 0 Comments

When someone visits my homepage it convey a specific feeling but at the same time the user will learn something about the person who created the design and the person writing the copy (the latter being me)

When someone see me in real life, see my work environment or my home they see more than the physical stuff lying around.

What they see will give them the opportunity to learn a lot about my character.

When you go to my homepage, you will see that the person behind the design is thorough, orderly and likes things being orderly.

When you read the copy, you will learn that the person behind it writes quickly and could use some more consistency.

When you install the software you once more has the chance to learn something about the person behind the software, this time you will learn that the person adds new features into the program whenever someone asks for it and do not give much thought about usability.

So the next time you do something, make something or leave something behind, remember that it will tell something about your character and that the receiving person will "see" you in the light of this character.

I am working and practicing new character traits, such as orderly, worked through and well designed, these are the character traits I want other people to see in me when they see what I have done.

What do you want others to see in you?


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