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17. September 2014 09:39
by Anders Thue Pedersen

How to motivate through transparency (Even though it is scary as hell)

17. September 2014 09:39 by Anders Thue Pedersen | 0 Comments

More than ever before, new companies started are more transparent than ever, publishing their numbers online and talking a lot about how they do their stuff.

How come not all do this, how can it be that most will not even let their employees get access to these kind of information’s, or any other relevant information for that matter.

Because some might say no, some employees might choose that what you do and what you stand for is not what they like, and you might be afraid that this employee is important for your business to survive.

It is that simple, but hard to fight and work against.

When business fight against the transparency they keep secrets and becomes like a light bulb painted dark that cannot help or spread its light on its employees or customers.

I have been wondering how that could be and I finally realised that it is insecurity and fear that makes us become translucent and finally solid black.

Fear of not being selected, fear that employees or customers select another vendor, fear that the next customer or employee is the most important one.

When (if) you shed your fear you will be able to be more transparent without losing (important) customers or employees.

When you are transparent as a company you let it be up to your employees to decide if they want to stay and work for you, based on your stance and opinions. Those who chooses to stay will have done so for internal reasons.

When you get there, where your employees go to work for internal reasons you have reached a major milestone, because internally motivated people stay healthier, produces more and is happier.

Research in internally motivated people shows they are less susceptible to stress and depression.

This means that if you create a transparent IT company, you will be able to help alleviate stress and depression among a group of people who has a bad track record of being stressed and depressed.

On the plus side (phun intended) you will get motivated and productive people who will work harder for less money (remember they get their internal pay by being able to choose) while being healthy and without stress and depression!

Who do you think creates the better and more creative solution?

What do you think creates most trust in your employees?

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