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6. October 2014 21:43
by Anders Thue Pedersen

Thanks to a fellow Micropreneur

6. October 2014 21:43 by Anders Thue Pedersen | 0 Comments

One of my fellow Micropreneurs, Christoph Engelhardt just posted his second monthly income report online at his blog detailing his endeavour.

I must admit that it is some of the bravest writing I have read from any in the self funded entrepreneurial scene.

It is one thing to write a monthly income report when the ball is rolling, when the idea is spreading like wildfire and you are able to work on you project full time.

It is completely different ballgame when you are not!

Christoph is working full time in a “normal” job; he is doing some freelancing work and building “on the side”. If I remember correctly, he was enlisted in the military recently and had to put the programming on hold.

This has not deterred him from pushing on, and now he post about it online, and not always about the progress, but also about the setbacks and how an error from his side halved his perceived MRR.

For me who are so lucky to have a thriving business; making a living from a passive income stream, while running a consultancy that is doing fine, it is humbling and scary to imagine not making more than a couple of hundred bucks a month.

At the same time, it is inspiring to realise that we all start at that level, no matter who we are, and each time we start over, we start from zero.

Thank you Christoph, for sharing and for helping me remember that it is ok to make zero as long as you keep pushing the project forward.

I will use this realization and push forward on my project that I have not done enough on because I was afraid.

Afraid of failure, afraid of it not being right, afraid of not being worth it.


PS. After reading Christoph’s blog post, I created a new feature for my watermark software that allows you to add a 3D embossed text to an image, something I have dreamt of creating for months if not years.

So for the last time, thank you Christoph, for being brave and being you!

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