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22. November 2014 11:41
by Anders Thue Pedersen

Yes! I got it. Damn! I lost it.

22. November 2014 11:41 by Anders Thue Pedersen | 0 Comments

I added videos to my watermark software's homepage recently, hoping it would lover the complaints I got from users who found the software too hard to use.

First, I added a video to the front page, showing how to add a watermark in 41 seconds, secondly I added a video to the help and support page that explained in greater details how to use the software.

Thirdly, I removed the wizard from the software and replaced it with the longer video from the help and support pages.

My reason for testing videos was the steady stream of complaints from people who was unable to use my software that they found too complicated.

What happened next was far from what I had expected, the day after adding the videos I had my fifth best day this year, day three was 'normal' and day four again was double what I used to see when it comes to conversion.

It got my mind going, and as so many times before, I dreamt about having struck gold and made my conversion sharply increase.

On day five, my conversion was around 25% and since then the conversion slowly tanked. 

I honestly believe that I ended up overselling my (hard to use) software, promising to watermark a photo in 41 seconds, and then the user realizes that it takes much longer than that is not a great user experience.

I removed the video from the front page after one month. While removing the video I thought to myself that I would try one more thing that many users requested a longer trial.

Previously a user could test the software once and then they had to pay, and every day I got one or two complaints about the short trial period.  

I bumped it up to 4 times, so they could really test the software and see the benefit before choosing to buy it. (After the trial expires, it adds an “Unregistered Version” watermark to all photos processed)

I really believed the longer trial would affect my conversion because so many people complained about it, and for once, I was right.

Not in a good way!

My conversion slowly got lower and lower through the month of testing, and at the end, I was baffled and stunned why it did not work. As a side note, I still got complaints about the trial mode ending.

This made me remove the “fully working trial” period. The software now adds the “Unregistered” text from the first run, so if you like what it does you have to buy it.

That helped!

My conversion double (in orders, my avg. order value has been lowered a bit) and astonishingly the amount of complaints about the trial expiring has plummeted to zero.

I still get the occasionally complaint that the downloaded the “free trial” version and not the actually free version, but that is ok, those would never buy anyway.

So apparently, charging still beats not charging.

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